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Umimachi Diary 2015

The story, which tells the story of three brothers who lived in her grandmother’s house and the arrival of the brothers thirteen. Three sisters who live together in the late grandmother’s house in the city of Kamakura. We live together, because his father left home for another woman. Living together, as their mother, imitating her husband, runs with more Sacha, 29, the oldest brother of Koda, a nurse at the local hospital, acting as a surrogate mother for a Yoshino, 22 and Chica, 19. After the threesome to learn about the death of «traitor «her father, and only half-heartedly to go to his funeral. But in Yamagata something unexpected happened: they found their half-sister Suzu, 13 back and soon fell under the spell of this exciting new creatures. Feel that Ono, the widow of his father, the adjustment will be the guardian. Sacha Suzu invites for Kamakura

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