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Hosted by Marcus Allen, chopped challenged by four promising chefs in choosing the individual events in the daily menu of three. In each episode, four chefs compete. Area is divided into three rounds; each about and which chefs are the ingredients in the basket of between three and five others on a platter, and he said he is prepared to contain all the ingredients. Competitors access to basement refrigerator stocked with various others. Every time we passed the plates and the chefs must cook the food runs out. And one by one, O judges of the rotating culinary dishes criticism of the world according to their appearance, taste and creativity. This time he will judge the chef and should not what is «split», and the chef, who was part of the race was eliminated. On the table by two chefs remain. Considernot judges will decide the winner in accordance with that big, but it was out of all the food is from any of the cookbook. The winner receives nearly the amount of $ 10,000 cash prize.

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