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Chess Titans 1

Chess Titans, one of the most popular chess game than users of Windows XP, Vista, will not be available for download on Windows 8, so far! virtual chess enthusiasts successful unofficial version giant chess for Win 8. Finally created, you can return to this classic free!

The Titans did not izmenilisVersiya Windows 8 Chess Titans is a faithful adaptation of the classic. You go have a 3D version of chess. Terms intact: a pawn get always the center of the board, Knights move to the «L» pattern and King nadoedlivym.Vy new chess? Chess Titans is very focused to help new immigrants. You will be able to know at all times that you are moving in front of each piece. You also have a lot of different levels slozhnosti.Kak you think you will give birth to a giant chess? You can get free and optional for other classic games like Windows Solitaire, Minesweeper, or download the worm. All of them have been adapted for Windows 8.

Chess Titans is short enough to vasChess beautiful chess thanks to 3D graphics. Best exact camera you will see if you’re in a real game. Pieces and the board have the appropriate structures and relationships. You can also play with pieces of porcelain, wood, controlling real-world experience is an excellent beginning. You need to drag and drop each piece of new terrain, and you have several different configurations for this.

Both shansChess Titans still fun, even though it is many years since its launch. Many people have a great time spending time with her when she went missing from the latest version of Windows is realized. Luckily fate gives you a second chance.

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