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Baidu Antivirus 5

Baidu Antivirus is a security software company, is one of Beijing on the internet. The release of the beta is English, full and perfect protection for your computer. Although you can send feedback to Baidu and characteristics of changes in the final version. Even in his trial Antivirus Baidu to stop all backgrounds and met with viruses.

Antivirus EzaugarriakBaidu full scan, your computer will display all search problems over quickly, and find customers for hunting certain problems. They can also, as a precautionary sheet, proactive defense to protect access to the Internet, and choose protect itself to protect property in real time. Unfortunately, most of the characters complex transfers brief them only briefly explain what opinion izan.Baidu Antivirus is a window where you can offer advice or to Baidu is the second. You can easily add images or files to explain your problem. Ability to connect to email, Line, MSN, or even Facebook collects data.

Antivirus ErabilgarritasunaBaidu large icons make it easy to understand their function. When you open the application, you will be presented button quick search or select custom. Tab on the right arrow will appear on the band protect real time. Here you can move on, and you can desaktibatzeko.gehiago, Baidu Antivirus settings menu description. Scanning can be opened automatically and choose what happens to quarantined programs and how deeply each scan. Button quickly reach Baidu site and community meetings are not.

KalitateaBaidu Antivirus as pure white and blue color scheme simple. All of its functions are exposed intuitive, and we have not found any errors or delays. full scan will surely take a long time, but not significantly affect the performance of a computer scan. One thing to note is that Baidu Antivirus Trial audio or POP -Ups will notify you when the job is completed.

OndorioaBaidu Antivirus is an effective tool to protect your computer. Trial feeling great work without a hitch. If you have any problems with Baidu Baidu Antivirus willing to listen to opinions may be increased.

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